¿afterwords? Cafe

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¿afterwords? Cafe

Located along the main shopping street in Chinatown at MRT station Exit A, ¿afterwords? Cafe at Pagoda Street is a new 50-seater space serving brunch, coffee and desserts.

Inside ¿afterwords?, the whole cafe was designed to have a dark and dim ambience to create an intimate, upscaled, warm and cozy atmosphere for the cafe’s overall mood.

From using different wood accents such as dark teak vinyl flooring to fluted wall panels with dark linear design to give a natural wood finish. The wood laminate used for the carpentry gives a cozy home aesthetic as well, where patrons can feel relaxed and enjoy their coffee while not being at home.

The layout of the space is carefully designed in a manner that maximizes the seating capacity while separating the patrons and the staff at both sides so they will not bump into each other. There’s a long-cushioned settee bench in which the patrons can be seated more comfortably, or they may choose to seat on the high stool at the island counter to interact with the barista.

A small photoshoot area with the cafe name ¿afterwords? ” and a short description of the cafe allows patrons to take daily photos of the drinks and food while promoting the cafe itself.


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